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Get advice from top doctors through online doctor consultation, video, audio, chat.



24Doctor is a unique idea project implemented by BMB24 Ltd. Our main goal is to provide qualitiful health care as well as build a community.

We are constantly working to build a great platform not only for the Bangladeshi community but globally by building a great team.

We are continuously searching for the best opportunities for developing and underdeveloped countries.

Bangladesh is our pilot project. We will start our operation very soon in other countries.


At the "BMB24 Doctor", we understand that not everyone has the time or inclination to visit a doctor to discuss their healthcare needs-especially when it comes to potentiality embarrassing problems. We have developed a convenient doctor/patient interface to bring you a service that allows you to have a medical consultation and order any medication that our doctors prescribe, all from the comfort of your own home. Our website is secure, confidential and user friendly. The Face to face consultation will take through video call service if necessary for the conditions of patients.






Health care at hand

For physical ailments, primary health care, geriatric and maternal health care or newborn care and consultation, you can talk to professional doctors by video calling within minutes.

Membership in family medical services (MFMS)



4 family members can get free online/phone call medical services by accepting MFMS. You can take this service anytime within 24 hours every day. Experienced MBBS doctors are always ready to serve you. Ensure emergency medical services for your family by becoming a member of NFMS.



The services available at "24Doctor".

  1. Patient serial online
  2. Online or mobile phone doctor service
  3. Virtual doctor services
  4. E Prescription
  5. Showing the patient test report online to the doctor
  6. Lifetime storage of disease prescriptions and test reports
  7. List of doctors by medical category
  8. Address of Doctor's Chamber
  9. Providing services at home
  10. Other service providers


 Patient serial online

You can see the list of doctors online to get medical services and make serial bookings. After getting the serial or seeing the doctor the doctor payment is to be paid through the payment gateway. This is our arrangement so that you can receive medical care at home in an emergency.


Make appointments through the app:

Download the "24 Doctor" app from the Google Play Store and create an appointment in less than a minute by creating an account.





Online or mobile phone doctor service

”24Docto ” Sebai is managed by experienced experts and senior MBBS doctors. Medical services can be availed through online by accessing 24 doctor services. Medical services can be taken from the appointed doctors of "24Doctor" through mobil phone. Online/mobile phone doctor services can be availed anytime 24 hours a day and night.


Get medical advice via video call:

You can consult the doctor on video call through the app by making an appointment or book an appointment with a specialist doctor of your choice for a later time.





Virtual doctor services

Virtual doctor service is an up-to-date, modern accessible service in today's context. The patient will log into his account and record his problems and select the doctor and send it to him, The doctor will enter his account, see the patient's problems and give the e-Prescription.





 E Prescription

This prescription is modern and acceptable which the patient can easily store.The e-prescription will be stored in the disease account for life.The doctor will note all the problems of the patient from his account while visiting the patient and give e-prescription. Doctors, pharmacists and diagnostic centers can view prescriptions with patient ID.


Understand the prescription:

As soon as the video call with the doctor is over, you will get the order form from the doctor in your app. Besides, you will be given a reminder to take the medicine on time.






Showing the patient test report online to the doctor

 When the patient's test report is complete, a message will be sent to the doctor's account and the patient's report can be viewed by the doctor. The patient can also show the doctor online by uploading a copy of the test report to his account.













Lifetime storage of disease prescriptions and test reports

All prescriptions and test reports uploaded to the patient's account will be stored forever. Which can be seen by both doctor or patient if needed for further treatment.











List of doctors by medical category

The current medical experience of the doctor and where he is practicing can be seen. Details of his performance are available. On the basis of this information, it will help us to get services from the doctor.



Address of Doctor's Chamber




Providing services at home




Other service providers





Time and distance are no longer a concern.Get treatment for illness or any health advice easily by video calling.



Get advice on any health issue easily:

All types of health related services for your daily needs will now be available through an app.By which you can get referrals from first aid to specialist doctors or hospitals if you are ill.






 Department of Doctors:


Emergency Medicine Specialists
Family Physicians or Family Medicine Physician
Infectious Diseases Specialist
Orthopaedic Surgeon or Orthopaedist
Otolaryngologist or ENT Specialist
Plastic Surgeons




Specialist Doctor

Open your Virtual Chamber/Doctor account through 24Doctor Health Services platform and provide expert medical advice and health services through video calls, audio, chat.



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