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When a business sells its goods and services to other

businesses, it is called business-to-business or B-to-B. 







Trade is one of the main methods prescribed by Allah Ta'ala to preserve

the existence of the world and the continuity of human civilization. In order

to fulfill the needs of all, Allah Ta'ala has made trade and exchange system



Certain things are necessary for a contract of sale to

be valid and enforceable



Purchase and Sale Procedures BMB 24-BtoB Division is bound to fully comply with

its purchase and sale management.



A. There will be a contracting party as well as a buyer-seller;

b. There will be product and pricing;

c. the completion of the offer-acceptance between the two;

d. The sale and purchase shall be by mutual consent;

e. Whether the buyer-seller is fit to buy or sell will be seen;

f. shall own or represent the goods for the seller;

G. The product will be valuable and assignable.






Business to Business is a form of commerce or business; which

exchange products, services or information in a business way

rather than a business-to-consumer transaction. The Bitubi process

is done between two companies, with each company benefiting in

some way.




BMB24 BtoB Organization Chart:


2. Virtual Business & Remote Job (VBRJ)

3. Good business (GB)

4. Share Holder (A-B-C)

5. Showroom/Grocery/Shop

6. Boro Bazar



9.Shipping Point


11. Seller

12. Account/Customer/Consumer





Manufactured or imported goods (BtoB)


Products at wholesale prices (BtoB) 

(Virtual Business & Remote Job (VBRJ) + Good business (GB) + Share Holder (A-B-C)+ Showroom/Grocery/Shop + Boro Bazar)

Taking responsibility for sales (BtoBtoC)

Virtual Business & Remote Job (VBRJ + Good business (GB) + Share Holder + Warehouse + Showroom/Grocery/Shop + Boro Bazar+Merchant+Seller

Marketing and other supporting

(BMB24-BtoB +  BMB24 e-BAZAR + Boro Bazar+ ) 

Sales (BtoC)






   BMB24-BtoB Business Management Software:

BMB24 Ltd. B2B e-commerce is a department of

electronic commerce dealing with business-to-

business transactions of goods and services over

the Internet. In most cases, this transaction takes

place through an online portal.The main objective

of this business model is to increase retail efficiency

and income of retail traders.Instead of being processed

manually, all orders in the BtoB model are processed on

a digital platform.BMB24 Business Management Software

for buying and selling between consumers and sellers

deals with commercial transactions between businesses. 

The core of this business model takes careful planning to

make efficient and profitable transactions considering

the complex market conditions.





B2B2C, or business-to-business-to-consumer,

BMB24-B2B e-commerce sells directly to the

consumer without an intermediary.These products

are then sold to BMB24-B2B entities that sell directly

to consumers.










 BMB24-BtoBtoC Business Approach:



MBM24-BtoB department Sell category:


2. Buy and  sell

3. Stock and sell



1. Wholesale (BtoB):

BMB24-BtoB segment BMB24-BtoB segment where

wholesale businesses purchase products in bulk from

distributors or manufacturers and then at retail prices.

Offers for sale to consumers.


So, if you are a member of BMB24 of (Virtual Business

& Remote Job (VBRJ) + Good business (GB) + Share

Holder (A-B-C) + Showroom/Grocery/Shop + Boro Bazar)

and a wholesale supplier from BMB24-B2B, the buyer -

based BMB24-B2B marketplaces are a good way to sell and

advertise your products to buyers and retailers with less

marketing effort. 


Buyer-oriented marketplaces exist only where there are many

buyers and few sellers.




2. Buy and  sell (BtoC)

B2C business will be conducted between (1.BMB24-

BtoB 2. Virtual Business & Remote Job (VBRJ) 3. Good

business (GB) 4. Share Holder (A-B-C) 5. Showroom/

Grocery/Shop 6. Boro Bazar 7. BMB24e-Bazar 8. Account/

Customer/Consumer) members.


 B is to (1.BMB24-BtoB 2. Virtual Business & Remote Job

(VBRJ) 3. Good business (GB) 4. Share Holder (A-B-C) 

5. Showroom/Grocery/Shop 6. Boro Bazar 7. BMB24e-

Bazar) wholesale products 


And C is for (8. Account/Customer/Consumer) use at full

retail price.



 3. Stock and sell (BtoB)

(1.BMB24-BtoB 2. Virtual Business & Remote Job

(VBRJ) 3. Good business (GB) 4. Share Holder (A-B-

C)) members  will purchase goods at wholesale price

from BMB24- BtoB department and store them in stock

section of BMB24-BtoB department. (1.BMB24-BtoB 2. 

Virtual Business & Remote Job (VBRJ) 3. Good business

(GB) 4. Share Holder (A-B-C)) members will sell the

products to the BMB24-BtoB department at current

wholesale rates if they get the price they want.






Manufacturing firms produce manufactured goods

on a large scale using manual labor and machines.

In the Bitubi model, after the product is manufactured,

it reaches other manufacturers, suppliers or wholesalers.


Manufacturers produce large quantities of products from

which BMB24-BtoB buys products at wholesale prices and

then sells them to other suppliers, wholesalers or manufacturers.

Businesses increasingly need BMB24-BtoB

 Software Management and BMB24- Dgital 

Management manufacturers to make their

products completely online, including custom

features such as pricing, scheduling or sizing.







Distributors mainly take care of packaging, shipping and marketing. These are things that are generally not affordable and not liked by the recipient. BMB24, BMB24-BtoB, BMB24 Speedy Courier-Shipping point, BMB24-Warehouse performs these tasks with great care. Distributors work with manufacturers; Develop good products, improve sales and manage distribution channel activities. In the BMB24 e-commerce model, the logistics of sales are completed online through the BMB24 e-commerce platform, which contributes to expanding the scope of the business.















 Good Sales:

Good supply chain management plays a role in customer satisfaction as well as a BtoB eCommerce.This creates loyal and long-term effective sales.Profitability can be achieved by taking advantage of various trading opportunities, which can be done through upselling and crossselling strategies to increase the income stream.

An advanced supply chain management process with a collaborative approach enhances customer loyalty in the BMB24-B2B eCommerce business model. BMB24-BtoB helps businesses showcase product recommendations and unlock effective upselling and cross selling opportunities.







Taking responsibility for sales (BtoBtoC)


Virtual Business & Remote Job (VBRJ

 Good business (GB)

 Share Holder



Boro Bazar








Low Price:

Due to an effective supply chain management

process, this online business model leads to lower

costs for the business. In most cases, the work is

done through automation which eliminates the

possibility of errors and wasteful expenditure.










Cost savings:

BtoB Customer Loyalty is customer satisfaction with

a product or service. Cost savings occur when orders,

supply chains and fulfillment are done online for

businesses. Costs are automatically reduced once the

initial order is completed.





Powerful site search:

The Bitubi business consists of many products in different

variations, prices and customization options, which are

controlled with few features. BMB24-BtoB businesses need

a site that supports effective catalog management and

powerful search tools, which help customers find the products

they want.





 Specialized Industry Portal:

The portal provides dedicated information, product listings,

discussion groups and other specialized business features. Working

on a large scale of vertical sites, it regularly supports the product

buying process.







  Real time inventory and order tracking:

Sellers love accurate information on inventory, so

BMB24-BtoB Management always keeps real-time

inventory and shipping information open to everyone.

This improves order control and fulfillment processes

and provides a transparent customer shopping






Bitusi buyers generally purchase products on a single-

use basis and fast product delivery is based on the order.

BMB24-BtoB completes the shipping process with speed.







Manufactured or imported goods:

One of the main advantages of the model is that it relies on functional and real data to execute the entire process. All data or information generated by the client and transactions are stored for further monitoring. Thus, avoiding errors and generating accurate forecasts. When the large database has real numbers, it will automatically remind the business to restock based on supply and demand and unnecessary stock mistakes and data collection. You can calculate detailed sales statistics.





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