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BMB24 Telemedicine

“BMB24 Ltd” is an online medical service targeting emerging markets that are rapidly digitizing.

Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of the populations we serve. We have

developed accessible and affordable telehealth services that aims to support the public health

system, research and clinical trials.




“BMB24 Ltd” offers on-demand GP and specialist consultations with verified and

certified doctors, online prescriptions, medicine delivery, pathology/ diagnostics

tests, all while building valuable Electronic Health Records. “BMB24 Ltd”  is vertically

integrated with pharmacies/ medicine delivery suppliers, labs/ diagnostics centers,

and payment providers for an end-to-end digital health experience.




“BMB24 Ltd”  systematically focuses on expanding access to affordable healthcare services

to all. We promise to improve our solutions continuously through our scalable technology

and data analytics capabilities. Our passionate team is committed to excellence and work

extremely hard to ensure we make a positive contribution to the healthcare of the future. 







  • Improve the health and wellbeing of the populations we serve
  • Provide accessible and affordable health services through advanced technology






  • Be the champion of telehealth in the selected developing markets
  • Focus on both high-volume medical assessments and the biggest health issues



Stay away from the hassle, save both money and time, buy your essential medicines from the comfort of your home.




Welcome To

“24 Medicine” provides the best pharmacy solution online. We are focused

on getting you the healthcare support & help you need so that you can enjoy

your best health. Find your required medications at “24 Medicine”


Live Well with “24 Medicine” : Your Quickest Online Pharmacy and Healthcare Platform


We understand your needs.

“24 Medicine” is one of the leading online pharmacy in Bangladesh.

Our Online Medicine Store is available.


The Services We Offer

We want to provide a 360-degree solution for your wellbeing.  Our

online doctors are well trained and at your service. Our experienced

Pharmacists are A Grade certified who cater to your problems at all

times of the day.


Online Pharmacy

Our online Medicine Dispenser can be accessed easily through our

website and apps available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

where customers can upload their prescription. Our medicine inventories

are directly supplied form the largest pharmaceutical companies and

thus we ensure longest expiry dates for our all medicines and products

and also authentic medicines. The Medicine Dispenser are supervised by

A Category Pharmacists who ensures the best service for our customers.





 To buy Product or Medicine follow the steps:

1. Search product from search option

2. Press Add to cart

3. Check out the after all product added to chart

4. Provide delivery address, picture of prescription and payment info

5. After order submit you will get order number from Email and SMS

6. LP agent will call you to confirm your order

7. LP will deliver your ordered product

Organization Chart


1. Medicine

2. Customer/Account

3. Pharmacy/Drug store

4. Pharmaceutical manufacturing company

5. Doctor

















You can see the list of all types of medicines. Price of the medicine Quality

characteristics of the medicine Expiration time of the medicine can be seen

in detail. All accounts can be saved from the production of medicine to

purchase and sale. Doctors can view the list of medicines while prescribing

online. All information about online prescription and online purchase of

medicines will be stored by the customer.







We will make every effort to deliver all types of medicine related

services at the customer's doorstep. Through our online service,

the customer can do the medication sitting at home. Buyers can

get all kinds of information about all kinds of medicines from our

site. Customers can purchase medicines using ID by BMB24 Ltd.








Pharmacy/Drug store

The pharmacy or drug store can keep all the accounts of their medicines.

You can see all the information about the medicine. You can see the daily

trading and profit loss calculation. Medicines can be sold through home

delivery. You can save all accounts including online sales by adding multiple

admins. Pharmacies or drug dealers will get an ID from BMB24 Ltd through

which the pharmacy or drug dealers can access all online services.









Pharmaceutical manufacturing company

A drug manufacturing company can keep an account of all the drugs it manufactures. You can view the doctor's prescription report and the drug store's drug sales report. You can create medication list from your own control panel.



Pharmacy Management Software

Expire/Return Management 

Avoid having difficulties managing deadstock & expired medicine, Stay ahead of expiration dates and efficiently manage returns, ensuring optimal productfreshness.


Product Details 

Dive into comprehensive product details, including pricing, descriptions, and stock levels, ensuring informed decisions and enhanced customer experiences.



Simplify sales with our intuitive point-of-sale system, ensuring smooth and speedy customer interactions for ultimate satisfaction.


Product Exchange  

Facilitate hassle-free product exchanges, enhancing customer relations and ensuring a positive shopping experience.


 MIS Reporting 

Get actionable insights with real-time MIS reporting capabilities, empowering informed decision-making for your business.


Discount Management 

Boost sales and customer loyalty with flexible and Multiple discount management capabilities. Get more recurring customers, yield more business.


Supplier/Vendor Management 

Streamline supplier relations and manage vendors efficiently to ensure a seamless supply chain.


 Multi-Counter Selling 

Enable smooth transactions during peak times with multi-counter selling capabilities.


Barcode/QR Code

 Elevate efficiency with barcode and QR code integration, streamlining inventory processes with precision.


 Inventory Management

 Effortlessly control stock levels, get total control of your inventory and reduce losses due to waste with our intuitive inventory management.


 Damage & Lost Adjustment

 Quickly address losses, to maintaining your  inventory's integrity & accuracy through our intuitive damage and loss adjustment system.


VAT Reports 

Generate comprehensive VAT reports effortlessly, facilitating tax compliance and financial transparency.



Doctor will get list of medicines from his admin site. You can get an idea about the properties of all medicines. Medicines will appear automatically while creating online prescription.

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