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Business management and business24

BMB24 Ltd. is committed to provide e-Business Management Services with:




Efforts to provide quality and modern services, We strive to provide you with quality work and consider our "every effort counts".


We understand what clients really need. That's why we always emphasize innovation. Our structured research and development team works with a method and adoptable knowledge to provide excellent service by offering something new.


Technology leadership is the most successful strategy to challenge competitors and strengthen and consolidate our position because business and technology work hand in hand. Bomb24 Ltd. Always undertakes research and keeps up with the latest technology. Our confidence in this synthesis has motivated us and enabled us to provide solutions with a decisive competitive advantage. BMB24 Ltd. today structures a new generation of e-management technology innovators to accelerate growth.


We are committed to providing assistance to our clients with their requirements. Our business and service organization has Project Managers, Technical Leads, Project Leads and Software Engineers for the development side on the technical side.

BMB24 Mission & Vision


To produce excellent services in the field of e-Business Management with maximum efforts driven towards customer satisfaction.


To maintain our earned reputation of being one of the most professional e-Business Management provider in both national and international scale . We believe in doing our work in the most efficient way with structured methodology, with gradual evolution from hard-work to smart- work culture, at client’s end also.

BMB24 Organization Chart


BMB24 Ltd. has been established to achieve a specific objective.

To achieve this goal, “BMB24 Ltd.” has to carry out multiple

activities. This multi-dimensional and multi- segmented effort of

the business organization is very difficult to achieve if it is scattered

in a scattered manner. Therefore, the various activities of the

organization have been integrated into one by linking them with each




 1. Share holder (A) Board Of Directors

2. Share holder (B)

3. Share holder (C)

4. Head office

5. Branch/Corporate office

6. Agent branch

7. Account Member (ACC)

8. e-Business & Marketing Management

9. (Good Business, Virtual business & remote job)

10. (Business and Service) Department of e-Service Management. 

Implementing member of virtual business and e-marketing management


e-Business & Marketing Management


  1.      Virtual business and remote job member(VBRJ)


  2.      Good business(GB)



VBRJ Account Members" have business and monthly salary job benefits for all.

By investing money or labor you can become a shareholder of business income

managed by "BMB24 Ltd". There are opportunities for gifts and monthly salary

through promotion.



"Virtual business and remote job member(VBRJ), Good business(GB)" have virtual

trading facilities for everyone. By investing money Or you can become a business

income partner operated by "BMB24 Ltd" by contributing talent and labor.




Virtual business 


With the advancement of science, people can now fulfill most of their needs at home.

Especially business activities cannot be imagined without information and communication

technology ICT. Nowadays the demand of virtual/online business is increasing day by day.

Among all the ways of doing business in the world, virtual/online business has started to

take place in all areas. In virtual/online business, there are many functions other than buy

& sell. For example, making money online by showing advertisements on blogs, websites or

videos through Google Adsense is a kind of profitable virtual/online business. Online commission

income through affiliate marketing is also a type of virtual/online business. And, there are many

other types of online activities, which, even if they do not involve direct selling, can also be called

a type of virtual/online business. Simply put - if some part of the business or the whole business

uses the internet, then it is a virtual/online business. Running a virtual/online business means

online store, blogging, YouTube, online selling or providing any online service. There are many

different types of businesses in different industries or categories that are run by the online internet. 

However, the shift to virtual in the retail industry is among the most noticeable trends of the digital

age. In general, the more work is done on computers, the easier the business can shift to virtual

business, so the IT sector has adopted many aspects of virtual business. ft BMB 24 Ltd. has taken

the initiative of bringing business and service organizations under online based virtual system to

conduct institutional activities.



BMB24 business opportunity 


"Virtual business and remote job member(VBRJ), Good business member (GB)" have virtual trading facilities for everyone. By investing money Or you can become a business income partner operated by "BMB24 Ltd" by contributing talent and labor.



A Place to Invest money

 1. Self-collected products are sold “BMB24 e-Market” every day

2. Buy products form “BMB24 Good Business” and sell through “BMB24 e-Market”

3. Buy products at wholesale price from “BMB24 Good Business” and wait for certain

    time to see the market price Selling through “BMB24 e-Market” 

4. You can buy products at wholesale prices From “BMB24 Good Business” and keep

   them in your collection and sell them.









Place of talent and labor Investment

“Virtual business and remote job member(VBRJ), Good business(GB),

” Holders succeed in joining the business branches of “BMB24 Ltd”

through talent and labor investment. “BMB24 Ltd” will regularly pay

certain amount of share from the income of his/her acquired share as

long as he/she remains active as ““Virtual business and remote job member

(VBRJ), Good business(GB), ” holder.







Remote Jobs


A way to work without going to the office. A way to avoid

wasting office time pushing through traffic jams. Remote

job is entering our country under the name of remote job,

remote office with many more benefits. Working in Sylhet

while sitting in Dhaka, working abroad while sitting in the

country. As many of you know, those who do remote jobs

are paid more than people in the office. Besides, many

things are saved including the hassle of road vehicles,

office expenses, once people get used to the remote,

they don't want to leave the remote.


Remote job workers perform assigned tasks for an

organization just like any other employee. And get

paid at the end of the month or fixed period.

Organizations that have a lot of ongoing work usually

hire remote workers.


You can work as well as take care of the house and

family, and Mineta is also quite good. No time or money

wasted on traffic jams or commuting.


Both male and female candidates are getting remote job

opportunities. Women who have qualifications but do not

have time to work because of family and children, they

can also take advantage of this online job in the



Creativity, quick work skills, time management and

communication skills along with proficiency in related

work will keep a candidate ahead for remote jobs.

Salary or remuneration varies depending on the type

of job and organization.



Rewards category of BMB24 Remote Job 



a.Field business organization (F.B.O)

b.Unit Manager(U.M)

c.Branch Manager (B.M)

d.Branch Coordinator (B.C)

e.Regional Manager Marketing (R.M.M)

f.Vice President (V.P)

g.Senior Vice President (S.V.P)

h.Executive Vice President (E.V.P)

i.Deputy Marketing Director  (D. M. D)

j.Executive Committee (E.C)


Virtual business and remote job (VBRJ)


account holders will be promoted if they meet certain

performance targets. Each promotion will be paid monthly

salary on specified terms.



Virtual business and remote job (VBRJ) income sector:  


  1. Rewords
  2. Current Commission
  3. V Business Income
  4. Current rewords Score
  5. Rewords Salary
  6. Profit share from business



Good business (GB) income sector:


  1. Current Commission
  2. V Business Income
  3. Profit share from business



Why Become a Member of Virtual Business and

Remote Jobs (VBRJ)/Good business (GB)?


Financial freedom, freedom of time, respectable profession, to find more

alternatives, for financial security, to consider oneself competent and

competent, for more income, to provide income opportunities to others.

I am dedicated to my own business and part-time jobs. Leading a team

well to climb to the top of success.


Being a member of VBRJ/BE will give you a beautiful guide to success in life.

Also you will know the strategy of setting goals in life and achieving them.


The VBRJ/BE account puts us in the realm of reality and urges us to set goals

and move toward them.







 Office Category of BMB24 Ltd.


  1. BMB24 Head Office
  2. BMB24 Corporate Office 
  3. BMB24 Agent Branch Office
  4. BMB24 Virtual Office



Virtual Office

BMB24 Ltd ( “Virtual Office”), is a company or organization, which

operates as a single unit and whose members can work from anywhere in the world

through a designated physical logging address/e-mail. enables employees and business owners to work remotely through

virtual offices. is basically a virtual office based on internet system and electronic



BMB24 Ltd Company's virtual office facilitates the working of officers,

employees and businessmen.


Here are the various facilities required to conduct the business of BMB24 Ltd Company.

which can be accessed through the Internet. Virtual office has video conferencing service or virtual meeting room like

physical office.

e-Business management

Business management software and website

BMB24 Medicine software & website Management 

24-Doctor Management software & website Management                         

Hospital/Clinic software & website Management  Management               

School software & website Management          

College software & website Management 

University software & website Management 

Library & Publications software & website Management 

Tutor software & website Management 

Famed Sweets  software & website Management 

Fast Food  software & website Management 

Khana-pina software & website Management   

wow parlor software & website Management 

hotel  software & website Management 

Fair & Event software & website Management 

Relief Courier software & website Management 

Vehicle Ticket software & website Management 

Mega Shop software & website Management  

Vehicle Rental Share software & website Management 

Service Center software & website Management  

Construction  software & website Management 

Residential Land software & website Management 

E-market software & website Management 

Gymnasium  software & website Management 


HR & Payroll

HR & Payroll Software:

Human Resource Management (HRM) and Payroll software is

a must for industrial organizations. It will help in managing

the attendance and salary of employees and workers of the

organization. is also a payroll software solutions

provider in Bangladesh (HRM).



BMB24 Ltd. provides HRM software and Payroll software. It will ease your

company's payroll hassles, attendance and human resource management.

Our company expertise in HR software and payroll software. We are

researching to develop categorized software for various offices, factories and

offices to make your life easy and manageable.



These 21st century businesses need a modern solution to succeed in human

resource management. It is high time to embrace technology and not rely on

traditional methods with various inefficiencies.



One solution to improve the HRM process is to use human resource management




What is HR Management?


HR Management/Human Resource Management (HRM) or human resources

management is an overall institutional process of personnel management in

accordance with the decision of the owner or management to recruit, train, evaluate

the safety, efficiency and productivity of the employees of an organization and

manage the office. Simply put, an overall institutional process of human resource

development and personnel management is called HR Management/Human Resource

Management (HRM) or Human Resource Management.




What is HR software?


HR Software or Human Resource Management Software (HRM Software)

is a tool to digitally or automatically manage the work related to human

resource management and employee management of the organization.

An organization owner or HR manager uses BMB24 Ltd. HR software to

save his work time, labor and cost.









Simple and easy to use


A cloud based software or application related to

HR management. All information of organization

and employees of the organization will be preserved,

so there will be no fear of data loss. The application

is designed to be usable on all devices. So you can

use the software on desktop, laptop, mobile, in

Bengali and English both languages and on tab

without hindrance.






Payroll management and statutory compliance

The job that HR managers have to do is to process

the payroll of employees individually. The calculation

of salary takes into account various aspects such as

attendance, employee leave, tax deductions and



1. Easy to calculate each employee's salary. All

aspects like leaves, time and taxes are taken into

account and the salary calculation is added automatically.


2. Takes care of laws and updates them regularly 

whenever there are changes in laws and



3. Payment modes become more secure as they are

integrated with employees' bank accounts.


4. Employees can get information or payslips themselves

without involving managers.


5. The software integrates with various accounting programs

and auditing software, making it easy to generate reports

and maintain information.


6. The process becomes more accurate as the system flags

errors before final payment is made




Attendance, leave, and performance management

Attendance and working hours need to be monitored in

order to pay employees properly.


a. Eliminating spreadsheets for maintaining employee

attendance records. Cloud-based software stores

data securely, which is easy to access.


b. Integrates with attendance module so that employees

are paid correctly. Employee overtime and early

departures are also easily calculated.


c. Performance review of each employee and generation

of his reports can be done through evaluation software,

where not a single piece of information is missed.




Employee engagement and retention


1. Human resource management system keeps\

teams engaged through various activities and

continuous communication.


2. HR managers need not constantly monitor

employee engagement as engagement surveys

can be conducted through self-service portals.


3. The results of the survey conducted will be

collected and presented in the form of reports

so that employers can take steps to improve

and make necessary changes.


4. Virtual activities can also be held to keep

members and teams connected while working

from home.





Data management and report generation

Data and information are essential to any business.

HR managers have to manage and maintain various

sensitive information of employees.


a. Secure management of data on cloud-based platforms.


The authority to access the data can be set beforehand.


b. Based on the collected data, reports will be generated

and their presentation can be done easily. 


c. Reporting cycle can be kept, which can be on weekly,

monthly and yearly basis.




The software is used for the automation of human resource

management processes for multiple projects simultaneously.


  1. Punch Card / Biometric Machine
  2. Employee entry on data navigation
  3. Personality Information System
  4. Auto pay sheet processing
  5. Overtime entry
  6. Increased, scaling and employee, responsibilities
  7. Final payment of salary
  8. Different types of base reports
  9. Integrated Accounts Management System





Shift Planning and Management

Makes shift management of employees work faster

according to the branch and time of the organization!








Attendance of employees of the organization

Attendance and in-out management of the organization's

employees is the day-to-day work of HR management. work

So you can rest assured by entrusting this work to BMB24

Ltd. HR Software Hazira!




In Live Management

It is very important for staff management to have an accurate

account of their leave. BMB24 Ltd leave management feature

will provide one-stop service for general leave, paid or unpaid

leave, leave balance, leave application submission and whether

the leave has been approved for the employees of the






BMB24 will get employee report viewing facilities

BMB24 Employee Report feature analyzes employee participation

and work volume in the organization, enabling them to easily

measure their capabilities and effectiveness.





Human Resource Management or HR and Payroll Management. A good quality HR and payroll software can make your company's workforce management a lot easier. Rest assured with HR and Payroll Management Software BMB24 Ltd! Because, BMB24 Ltd will make the most complex and difficult work of your organization easy and effective!

Digital Marketing



Digital Marketing:


Digital marketing refers to the promotion of products or services online. Currently, all

the websites, YouTube, Facebook, and Google to promote any product or service in

the world and promote the product or service digitally is also called digital marketing.



(Marketing/ Digital Marketing) = Advertising+Promotion+Publicity+Public Reaction = Sales.



Essentials of Digital Marketing in Business:


If you want to increase the awareness of your business, reach your product to

target customers or increase sales, then digital marketing plays one of the roles. 



Needs of Digital Marketing:


People no longer visit shops to shop/receive services but spend that time on something

productive. This category of people is completely dependent on online for shopping/services.

So it is very important to market your online business to them through digital marketing. 

There are more than 2 billion people in the world today Using social media. Day by day this

number is exceeding 2 billion. And about 5.11 billion people use mobile phones.



Different methods of digital marketing:


Now let's take a look at what types and how many types of digital marketing can be:






 Why search engine optimization is important:


Search engine optimization makes a website rank in Google and a buyer is

interested in buying a product by reading articles on the first page of Google. 

Therefore, BMB24 Ltd. is in full support of this work.



Content Marketing:


“Content is King”. Content marketing is one of the digital marketing.Through

BMB24 Ltd we help you to promote your business by creating informative video

content, branding your business and writing beautiful content on the website.



 Social Media Marketing:


Social media refers to different platforms. For example: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

WhatsApp etc. However, the most popular social media site in Bangladesh is Facebook. 

Marketing your online business by reaching customers and increasing sales. BMB24 Ltd

has skilled marketing experts through which you can easily advertise your business in the

right way.



 Influencer Marketing:


Influencer Marketing is now a name of great potential in brand promotion. Promotion of

products with the favorite faces of celebrities or popular faces on social media is now the

first choice of businessmen. Because influencer marketing revenue has grown to over $15

billion in the last 4-5 years. Its ROI revenue total is $5 as opposed to $1.



Our experienced marketing team will develop a marketing plan for your business

or service organization and provide comprehensive support in the development of

your business.


  1. Add video
  2. Messenger Add
  3. Ad creation by audience targeting
  4. Facebook page follower add
  5. Add video views




Professional action Making skills easy and convenient — so anyone struggling with life's challenges can get help, anytime and anywhere.



We are passionate and compassionate professionals, driven by the mission of helping more people live a better and happier life every day. We are growing fast and always looking for new talent. If you love people and like challenges - come and join us!





Nowadays it is impossible to survive in the competition without marketing the business. Therefore,

BMB24 Ltd. will support the overall marketing of your business through digital marketing. All services

are provided from your business online, ready made website to keyword SEO friendly even Facebook

advertising. So always stay with BMB24 Ltd to get success in business.



Our support team is always here to answer any question and resolve any problem. Just contact us!






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